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      This group includes the sons of James Harper Laidman, posing probably outside the family home in Southampton, 1913. It is poignant to see the arrogance of these young men, quite unaware of the horrors about to be unleashed upon them...

    Laidman Family

    This is my very extended genealogy - and in many cases multiple family histories. Its core is the LAIDMAN ONE-NAME STUDY, but it also includes all the peripheral families I - and many others - have researched. There are actually many family trees here, but also a lot of bushes and shrubbery, right down to solitary leaves. However, only the Laidman families have been fully researched by me: others are the fruit of many people's labours, for which I thank them, but decline all responsibility! Particular thanks go to Marion Harper Hopkins, without whose help over many years little of this would be possible. I would also like to thank genealogist and local historian Fiona Mitford whose research has been purloined (with her blessing) for much of the Mitford family on this site.

    By default, any place name without mention of a country is in England. I have used Chapman's British County Codes for county names. The abbreviation "RD" after a British place name is for Registration District, often different from the place of the relevant event.

    If you find any omissions or errors I should be grateful if you would email me full details, quoting the full person ID that appears below the name.

    The Royal connection:

    There is a very solid connection from one line of my Laidman family to English royalty. This is not a big deal: it is estimated that 80% or more of the British population are descendants of King Edward III. Of course, once a connection is made to royalty, the ramifications are almost infinite, right back to Charlemagne, or Rollo the Viking. A lot of the early connections are tenuous, have been included for fun, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Details of these historical figures have mostly been extracted from Wikipedia - in English where possible, otherwise in French, and I am also much obliged to Jim Weber’s monumental site.

    Copyright and sources:

    The vast majority of the data on this site (viz: the Laidman families) is the result of years of my hard work and a considerable monetary outlay. It contains to my knowledge the most complete and reliable Laidman data on the internet, most of which is maintained and updated whenever possible or necessary. In all but a few cases, sources/citations are available to ‘prove’ the data. I do not publish these sources because I have had unscrupulous people purloin the data, post it as their own work (not even bothering to credit me), and then fail to maintain, correct or update it. Unlike those who have stolen my data however, I can and will produce the sources on a "need-to-know" basis.


    Data for any person born after 1908 and without a death date have been withheld for reasons of privacy. I do this because I believe it is right to keep some material out of the public domain, not because I am required to do so by law. Public domain information includes names, dates, and places. Privacy law does not apply to public domain information. However, in accordance with common practice - and decency - no other details than the names of living people are shown.  Please note that one does not have privacy rights for name, birth, marriage, and death information, contrary to popular thought and reason. I will generally not remove names already in the database.

    If you find that I have included details (apart from public domain information) of a living person on this site, then please inform me.

    Nicholas Michael
    Donneloye, Switzerland
    August 2017
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